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South Channel Dam bulkhead, Skowhegan, 1901

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South Channel Dam bulkhead, Skowhegan, 1901
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"Waters had subisded, probably twelve feet, from their highest level. There must have been a flow of six feet over the bulkhead where the men are standing. Mechanism at left is a part of the gates and hoisting machinery. Tangle of timbers toward the right and rear is the wreck of the Madison toll bridge. It came down on the flood the morning of December 16, about 2 a.m., swept out the suspension bridge and damaged the old wooden toll bridge, finally landing here, as shown. It was mixed up with logs, ice and other debris. Dynamite had to be used before this mess was entirely cleared up.

Mill at right, probably built by M. J. Allen, was finally bought by the Marston Worsted Mills, they making the purchase principally to secure the power. M. J. Allen was a millwright and builder. These premises were subsequently occupied by Adams & Burns (M. S. Adams and George H. Burns), manufacturers of doors, house finish, etc. It was burned during their occupancy. This destruction resulted from a spark blowing across the river from a fire on the island.

The American Woolen Company wheel house shows in center, with Somerset Traction Company brick power house just in rear. The dome of the Court House, removed many years ago, shows at the extreme left and rear. Maine Central Railroad bridge is dimly visible in the distance."

~Roland T. Patten, Custodian of Historical Views, 1929

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